Vegetable Beef 3 Side Seal Bags

Name:Vegetable beef 3 side seal bags
Specification: W150xH200MMx0.15MM
Usage:Beef food package

Product Details

Item:All Materrial FOOD Grade and BPA Free


Sealing & Handle:Heat seal

Sample Service:3-5 free samples(freight charge by customer)

Delivery Time:18-25 working days after design confirmed

Product Description

3 side seal bags is very relevant to our lives, because our snack packaging, mask bags and 

other products are all packaged in this way. This packaging is not only prevents the product from spoilage, but also looks beautiful and giving people a special desire to have it.

Product Summary:

3 side seal bag, that is, three-sided sealed, leaving only one side opening for the user to install the product. It is the most common way to make bags. The airtightness is the best, the vacuum bag must be made in this way.

Common materials:


Main products and characteristics:

Plastic food bag, vacuum bag, rice bag, vertical bag, zipper bag, aluminum foil bag, tea bag, candy bag, powder bag, cosmetic bag, mask bag, medicine bag, pesticide bag, paper plastic bag, special-shaped bag, antistatic bag, plastic bag

The laminated 3 side seal bags has good barrier, moisture proof, low heat sealing, high transparency, and printing can be maxed to 9 colors. It is often used in daily necessities, cosmetics, toys, gifts, hardware, clothing, shopping mall, electronic, Jewelry, sports equipment and other industries of products packaging

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