Why Use Vacuum Bags For Vacuuming?

- Dec 09, 2018-

The advantage of vacuum bagging bag is that there is no dead angle in vacuuming, the vacuuming effect is good, the flatness is high, and the requirements for vacuum packaging machine are low. No matter the household model or commercial model, the grain bag can be well finished. vacuum.



1. It is a single-sided grain, forming a lot of micro-channels, so that there is no dead angle in vacuuming, the pumping is clean, and the shelf life is long.

2. The second point is also the most critical point. It is a seven-layer co-extrusion with no adhesive compounding. Although many manufacturers say that glue is non-toxic, many domestic manufacturers are very impetuous, and they have to consider the cost. The raw materials are cut corners, so the quality of the glue is difficult to guarantee. Especially in the process of cooking, after the high temperature in the ordinary vacuum bag, the glue is likely to be boiled out. It is not known whether it is poisonous, so it is relatively safe to use the bag.

3. The grain bag is not printed, it will not be contaminated by ink and chemical solvent, or it is hygienic.