Why Is The Order Quantity Of The Bag So High?

- Mar 09, 2019-

There are often many customers who want to order bags such as food packaging bags, electronic packaging bags, and aluminum foil packaging bags. However, when asking the packaging manufacturers, they will be surprised at how many OEMs are ordered. If they are small bags, they must be at least 30,000. Ordering, in fact, for some buyers who have just started their business, it is very difficult to accept, and do not understand why each packaging factory has a high order. Below, we will come to understand in detail:

First, the fee

Printing a variety of composite flexible packaging is a gravure printing, you need a copper plate, we commonly known as plate making. The version fee is relatively expensive. Look at the complexity of the bag pattern. A color varies from 300 to 800. For example, if you want to print a bag with 6 colors, each color plate costs 450 yuan, you need to pay the plate fee 450*. 6 = 2700 yuan.


Second, the material length and loss

The order quantity of the packaging bag is calculated according to the length of a roll of material. The general length of the material on the market is between 8,000 and 12,000 meters. For example, a vacuum bag is made of PA/PE, the specification is 25*18mm, and the PA material is 6,000 meters. The order quantity is about 6000/0.18=33333.

Therefore, for the packaging factory, if the order quantity is not reached, it will be equivalent to a loss state in many cases, because it is necessary to change the plate, change the shaft, change the ink, and color proof. It takes about 3 hours to calculate. If a roll of material is not finished, the loss rate is likely to be more than 50%, which is unacceptable to any packaging factory.

In addition, some buyers will need to automatically package the film. The order quantity is generally between 300 and 500 kg.

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