Why Is Kraft Packaging Environmentally Friendly

- Sep 16, 2019-

In addition, kraft packaging is 100% recycled, which is an important point that kraft packaging is better than other materials. Even if it is right, the kraft paper will be quickly degraded in the soil and "turned into spring mud to protect the flowers". Unlike plastic packaging, which is difficult to degrade, causing "white pollution" has a damaging impact on the soil and environment. Kraft paper packaging is widely used in all walks of life, our most common and used kraft packaging is generally in clothing stores or shoe stores. When we go to the store to buy shoes or clothes, the store usually matches us with a brown paper bag. These brown paper bags are usually beautifully printed. Therefore, the probability of reuse is very high. This is why we often say that kraft packaging is an environmentally friendly packaging.

Of course, there are no two people in the world are the same, different people hold different views on whether kraft packaging is environmentally friendly, in general, that kraft packaging is not environmentally friendly people mainly on the kraft manufacturing process and the selection of raw materials. They argue that the pulp from paper packaging is obtained by cutting down trees, causing damage to the environment. Another one is mainly paper in the production process will discharge a lot of sewage, causing water pollution. In fact, these views are a little one-sided and backward, now the kraft paper manufacturers of big brands generally use integrated production of forest pulp, that is, through scientific management will be in the forest region to cut trees in the planting, to ensure its ecological damage is not affected, take the road of sustainable development. And with the continuous development of science and technology, the waste water produced by kraft paper in the production process needs to be treated to meet the national discharge standards before it is allowed to be discharged.