Why Does The Vacuum Bag Leak?

- Jul 19, 2019-

Aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag is a common food packaging bag. Recently, customers have reported that the aluminum foil vacuum bag has been leaking, not in a vacuum state, but the bag is intact. I don't think about it. Also worried about whether it will affect the quality of tea, can you drink tea?

In response to the above questions, we have specifically found information in this regard:



One: What is the reason for the aluminum foil bag leaking:

We know that the role of aluminum foil bags is mainly two aspects. One is to extend the shelf life of foods, to improve the exquisiteness and stiffness of the packaging, and to further increase the barrier properties of the packaging bags. Aluminum foil bag is suitable for all kinds of meat food vacuuming, retort, boiling, freezing and other sterilization and fresh-keeping packaging, with anti-ultraviolet, light-proof and heat-insulating effects.

However, what is the reason for the aluminum foil bag leaking? The main reason for the leakage of aluminum foil bag manufacturer Yongxinhai is the following factors:

1. The shape of the aluminum foil bag is irregular, and it is easily damaged by external things.

2, the quality is uneven, the thickness is not uniform, making the aluminum foil bag extremely vulnerable to damage, resulting in air leakage.

3. In the case of vacuum pumping, the pumping is excessive due to excessive time and damage to the aluminum foil bag.

4. The protruding part of the aluminum foil bag has a small hole due to improper stretching, resulting in air leakage.

5. During the transportation process, the aluminum foil bag is squeezed and folded too long, causing air leakage.

The above five points are the summary and sharing of "what is the reason for the leakage of aluminum foil bags". ”


Two: Does the air leakage affect the quality of tea?

We can say with certainty that this is completely unaffected, because the main impact on the quality of tea is as follows:

1. The effect of temperature on the quality of tea: temperature has a great influence on the aroma, soup color and taste of tea, especially in the southern part of July-August, the temperature sometimes rises above 40 °C, that is, the tea has been dried and protected from light. After storage, it will quickly deteriorate, making green tea not green, black tea not fresh, and tea is not fragrant. Therefore, to maintain and extend the shelf life of tea, low temperature insulation should be used, and it is best to control the temperature between 0 °C and 5 °C.

2. The effect of oxygen on the quality of tea: 21% oxygen in the air of the natural environment. If the tea leaves are stored directly in the natural environment without any protection, it will soon be oxidized, making the soup red and even brown, and the tea will lose its umami taste.


3. The effect of light on the quality of tea: Light can change certain chemical components inside the tea. If the tea leaves are exposed to sunlight for a day, the color and taste of the tea will change significantly, thus losing its original flavor and freshness. Therefore, tea must be stored in a closed state.

4. Effect of moisture on tea quality: When the water content of tea leaves exceeds 6%. The changes in the ingredients have begun to accelerate. Therefore, the environment in which the tea leaves are stored must be dry.

The vacuum bag leaks, as long as the bag is not destroyed, it means that the package is not in a vacuum state, but it does not mean that the tea will directly touch the above four aspects, so there is no influence on the quality of the tea, and it can be safely consumed. Tea is bought back to drink, so we recommend to open the bag for the package that has been leaked. The vacuum bag packaging tea without leaking air can be stored in the shade at room temperature, and the shelf life is up to 2 years.

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