Why Are The Packaging Bags Not Rounded?

- Jul 03, 2019-

Our company has been making bags for nearly ten years. Sometimes the customer service will reflect that the four corners of the bag are too sharp. For example, if the toy bag is used by children, there is a possibility of injury. Then why is the bag not rounded? Isn't this more secure? In fact, there are the following reasons:

First, the limitation of the process, the general process manufacturing aspect of the straight line folding is much faster than the rounded corner processing, and the right angle of the package is also relatively easy to form a closed space, but the arc of the production is more difficult. In addition, packaging equipment and so on will limit the molding of its packaging, such as the aluminum foil bag packaging we often say, the bag itself can only be designed into a large volume, and then the machine can only be closed by scissors clips for hot air, so the fastest way It is a straight knife cutting, and if it is a curved mouth, there will be accidents such as hooking during transportation and transportation.


Second, the characteristics of the material, the general process of paper packaging is folding and printing, etc., so unlike plastic or metal packaging materials, the shape is good, so this determines the shape of paper packaging can only choose simple Structure, once a more complex structure is involved, the paper can only be achieved by higher folding and precise positioning, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Third, the limitations of design thinking. In the packaging design, the folding and folding of the paper is based on a relatively simple thinking mode, such as straight folding, etc., when it involves other or irregular objects, the difficulty of folding and pasting, and the knowledge The degree of understanding of the structure and the accuracy requirements are extremely high, and the average designer can't control it, so this determines the basic structure of the paper packaging.

Fourth, the rectangular objects and the linear objects of a certain regular body are relatively high and stable in storage. You can stack two boxes together, but it is difficult to stack the two balls together, and this kind of stability and The conditions such as the quantity of storage also require the characteristics of the product packaging. Do not look at the milk bottles or egg-shaped packaging on the market, but it is necessary to transport them in straight-line packaging in the transportation of the eight-passage.

As for other plastic bags, this is purely limited by the convenience of processing, but it is mainly common in China. In fact, many design countries in the world have done a good job, such as Japan, many packaging. Both are rounded and the process is relatively mature. And if you cut the round, there will be more steps to increase costs.

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