What Kind Of Vacuum Bag Is Safe

- May 27, 2019-

A vacuum bag is a package that holds food or other products that are prone to deterioration and can effectively prevent the product from coming into contact with air, which causes the fungus to eat into our products. Therefore, many manufacturers like to use vacuum packaging bags, but not all vacuum packaging quality is qualified. We need to know the vacuum packaging correctly.


The unqualified vacuum packaging is mainly at the time of production. When the packaging is not completely sterilized, the package is placed at room temperature. It will easily breed bacteria. And these bacteria are more toxic and harmful to the human body. So even if you buy vacuum-packed food, don't relax your vigilance. When buying food, pay attention to whether the food is safe. Heat it when eating to ensure food safety.

Instant noodle packaging is common in our lives. It is a bag of instant noodles packed in vacuum bags and instant noodles in bowls. Both types of packaging make the use of all aspects convenient and fast, and have been loved by people. The bowl of instant noodles is convenient and quick, and the need to wash the tableware is eliminated. So although people know that eating bubbles is not good for the body, today's young people still like to use it. A recent survey by the International Food Packaging Association found that Jinmalang's dough bowl contains a fluorescent agent. In addition to the problem of the outer layer of the instant noodle bowl, the outermost layer of varnish also has the safety and health concerns. The outer layer of the instant noodle bowl is directly in contact with the population. For the sake of consumers' health, it is best for the company to replace the outer layer paper with food grade paper. This is what a responsible company should do.

Green food consumption has become a trend and the only way for the food packaging industry. But many green foods don't do real green packaging and green printing, and some even toxic packaging materials and printing materials. Food vacuum bags as "food close-fitting clothing", safety must be well grasped. Reduce the harm to the human body, especially for children and adolescents. China's packaging and printing industry must follow the path of green development in order to comply with the trend of the times and sustainable development.