What Kind Of Composite Bag Is Good

- May 17, 2019-

Composite packaging bags are now more popular than traditional plastic vest bags. There are many types of composite packaging bags, such as three-side sealing bags, four-side sealing bags, and eight-side sealing bags. The appearance is also relatively good, you can print a variety of colors that have been consistent with the pattern of your own products. Materials are also various, such as aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags and so on. Then we are buying and using the matching compound bags, we must pay attention to the following points:


1. When the composite bag is shipped from the factory, it is not smelly or odor-free. Some special bags with extra odor are not needed for safety reasons.

2. The outer packaging of the composite bag must have a text mark. The above text must have the full name of the name of the factory, the address of the factory, and the name of the product company, but the words "food use" are not written in this part.

3. Choose to use food to be the most effective to buy in the mall, not to spend some money on the street stalls.


4. Some composite bags are best not to be packaged in food for safety reasons. Composite bags in this state are usually made using recycled paper.

5. Because the composite bag is not easily degraded, it causes environmental pollution. For this reason, when purchasing food, it is most effective for green packaging materials.

6. Be as good as possible without coating or plating. In today's packaging design, the goal is to make the package aesthetically pleasing, corrosion resistant, and use the material with the plating. This is not only a problem for the large amount of recycled and reused materials after the product is scrapped. The second part of the coating itself is toxic. If people eat these packaged foods, they will cause more or less harm to people's mind and body. . The second coating and plating process also brought great pollution to the environment and equipment. For example, if the paint volatizes toxic solvent gas, it will produce waste liquid containing heavy metals such as chromium and waste residue pollution during electroplating. Therefore, packaging materials that are not coated or coated should be used whenever possible. The above mentioned aspects are the descriptions of the company's several aspects that should be paid attention to when purchasing our composite bags. When purchasing plastic bags for food, you can refer to the purchase of high-quality and low-priced composite bags.


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