What Bags Should I Choose For Tea?

- Jul 23, 2019-

Since ancient times, Chinese people love to drink tea, and both adults and children like it. Drinking tea is a traditional culture of the Chinese. In the office, drink tea with customers and talk about business. At home, receive guests, and don't forget to have a good tea and chat. Chinese people drink tea and are very particular about tea. The packaging of tea is also varied. What kind of packaging bag is better for tea?



Tea is actually derived from tea trees. Generally, tea trees are planted in the south of the Yangtze River. When the harvest is completed, people will remove the leaves and buds of the tea tree, and then they can be sold after repeated frying and drying. Generally, the tea is fried. It is best not to make tea right away, because the longer the tea leaves, the stronger the taste. Therefore, the longer the day, the more expensive the tea will be sold.

Tea is generally divided into green tea, black tea, flower tea, etc. There are generally Pu'er, Tieguanyin, black tea and green tea on the market. Of course, in addition to these are leaves, there are also flower teas, generally rose tea, jasmine tea, honeysuckle tea, etc. .


The longer the tea leaves, the more fragrant it is. Therefore, in selecting the packaging bag, the sealing should be good, and the fragrance of the tea can be completely sealed without leaking. Therefore, tea packaging generally chooses plastic PET/VMPET/PE, why use VMPET (aluminum plating), because the tea itself has aroma, so the aluminum foil packaging must have aluminum and plastic composite, aluminum barrier is very good, blocking smell, blocking air.

In addition, the aluminum moisture-proof and moisture-proof performance is good, the general tea can not be in contact with the air moisture, once contact, it will be wet and deteriorate, then the effort done before the tea has also been abandoned. Therefore, tea is generally selected PET / VMPET (aluminum) / PE aluminum foil packaging bags.

If you know something about tea, you will find that some black tea and black tea are packed in tin cans. Why? Originally, tea is actually divided into two categories, one is the original tea, this type of tea generally pays attention to the original taste, so the packaging needs to be sealed as much as possible. There is also a kind of tea which belongs to fermented tea, such as black tea. Its production is originally a product that is produced after the "hair" of the air. The taste is relatively fixed, so the packaging is not so particular.

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