What Are The Requirements For Packaging Technology For Food Packaging Bags?

- Nov 19, 2018-

he market looks like an inconspicuous bag, and it has its story behind its production, and the production and packaging technology of the bag is one of them.

 First, we must understand the food requirements for protection

  The chemical composition and physical and chemical properties of different foods are different, so the protective requirements of different foods for food packaging bags are also different.

Second, choose the packaging material with appropriate protection function

  The traditional packaging materials are mainly glass bottles, metal cans, cartons, and cartons. Modern food packaging materials mainly include plastics, papers, composite materials (plastic/plastic, plastic/paper, plastic/aluminum, foil/paper/plastic, and other types of multilayer composite materials).

Third, the use of advanced packaging technology methods

 In order to extend the shelf life of food, we adopt new packaging technologies that are constantly being developed, such as active packaging, anti-mild packaging, moisture-proof packaging, anti-fog packaging, anti-static packaging, selective venting packaging, non-slip packaging, cushion packaging, etc. New technologies, China's applications are not universal, and some methods are still blank. The application of these advanced technologies can significantly improve the protection function of packaging.