What Are The Properties Of Food Packaging Drugs?

- Apr 08, 2019-

Food packaging film bags, pharmaceutical packaging film bags are the most demanding in many bags, because most of them are directly torn bags. If the package is unqualified, the original shelf life is shortened, causing the product to deteriorate and causing great harm to the human body. So what kind of performance do they have to have to be considered a safe and qualified food packaging bag?


1, barrier properties

Barrier to water vapor, oxygen:

The water vapor permeation amount and the oxygen permeation amount test are respectively verified to prevent the package material from being infiltrated due to a large amount of permeation, causing poor moisture resistance and oxidative deterioration.

Resistance to heat:

For composite membranes containing aluminum, such as aluminized membranes, the oxygen permeability test before and after the enthalpy is compared and verified. If the sturdy resistance is poor, creases, pinholes, etc. may occur, causing the barrier property of the packaging material to decrease. .

2, physical and mechanical properties

Uniformity of thickness:

By verifying the thickness of the packaging material, the uniformity of the thickness of the packaging material is the basis for ensuring good performance.


It is verified by the friction coefficient test that if the friction coefficient of the film is unsuitable, it is too large or too small, it is easy to cause the opening property of the packaging material to be poor, and slipping or unwinding occurs when the bag is rolled.

Heat sealing effect:

It is verified by the heat sealing strength test, which is mainly for the detection of the finished product packaging, and prevents the packaging material from being damaged due to heat sealing or heat sealing, and the leakage of the heat sealing portion or the heat sealing of the root portion occurs.

Sealing effect:

It is verified by testing the sealing performance test of the packaging bag, mainly for the inspection items of the finished product packaging, and searching for the parts where the packaging bag is prone to leakage, preventing the medicine from being damp or oxidized.

Pressure resistance:

It is verified by testing the pressure resistance test of the packaging bag to prevent the bag from being broken or leaking due to being piled up or crushed by other external forces.

Drop resistance:

It is verified by testing the anti-drop test of the package to prevent the finished package of the drug from rupturing when it is dropped.

3, hygienic performance

Solvent residue:

It is verified by the solvent residue test that if the content of the organic solvent remaining in the package material is high, it is easy to gradually migrate to the drug during the contact with the drug to contaminate the drug.

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