What Are The Names Of Composite Bags?

- Dec 22, 2018-

I believe everyone can think of why plastic bags are called soft bags, but the professional name of the compound bag should not be understood by everyone, why is it called a compound bag? For the functionality of the bag, the plastic bags that are now produced are at least two or more layers of plastic film. Although some bags are thin, they will be composed of at least two layers of materials. It is 2-4 layers. What other names can these composite bags have? The following is a description of the bag type, use, and materials.


Bag type: R t bag (flat pocket / self-adhesive bag / card head self-adhesive bag / card head anti-stick bag), two-side seal, three-side seal, three-side seal bone, eight-side seal (flat bottom bag ), zipper bag, self-standing zipper bag, stand-up bag (not bone), self-supporting nozzle bag, middle seal bag, middle seal organ bag, yin and yang bag, roll film, shaped bag, box in the bag and so on.

Classified by performance materials: vacuum bag, aluminum-plated bag, aluminum foil bag, anti-static screen bag, anti-static foil bag, kraft paper bag, etc.


Classified by function: food packaging bags, clothing packaging bags, electronic packaging bags, liquid packaging bags, daily chemical packaging bags, toy packaging bags, agricultural product packaging bags, medical packaging bags, etc.