What Are The Common Bag Types For Food Packaging Bags?

- Jan 03, 2019-

Many people are aware of food packaging bags, but they don't know much about the bag types of food packaging bags. So what are the types of bag types of food packaging bags? Next, Dongguan City, special packaging for everyone to introduce the shape of several common composite food bags.

  1. The three-side sealing bag has two side seams and a top side seam pocket, and the bottom edge is formed by a horizontally folded film. Such bags can be folded or not, and when there are white edges, they can stand upright on the shelf. One variant of the three-side sealing bag is that the bottom edge formed by folding the original side is realized by bonding, so that it is essentially a four-sided sealing bag..300克三边封狗粮袋1

2, the back sealing bag is also called pillow-shaped bag, the bag has the back, upper and lower seams, so that they have a shape similar to a pillow, many small food bags are often packed in pillow-shaped bags. The back seam of the pillow-shaped bag forms a fin-like shape. In this configuration, the inner layers of the film are sealed together and the seam protrudes from the back of the packaged bag. Another type of closure overlaps the closure, with the inner layer on one side bonded to the outer layer on the other side to form a flat seal. Since the "fir"-shaped seal is relatively strong, and as long as the inner layer of the packaging material is heat-sealed, it is widely used. The "overlapping" shape seal is relatively unsound, and the inner and outer layers of the bag are required to have the heat seal material, so that it is not particularly used. The top and bottom seals are bonded to the inner layer of the bag.2.5KG手提孔狗粮袋2

3, the folding pocket is also called folding bag or organ bag, which is the deformation of the back sealing bag, which is folded into two sides of the bag to form the M shape. If the M type is asymmetrical, it is also called a trapezoidal hemming bag.10KG八边封狗粮袋1

4. Four-side sealing bags are usually made of top, side and bottom edge seals of two materials. It is possible to use two different plastic resin materials compared to the previously mentioned bags, if they can be bonded to each other. , made of four-side sealing bag bonded to the front. The four-sided envelope can be made in a variety of shapes, such as a heart shape or an oval shape.IMG_20180119_155411

5. The zipper bag is provided with a bag which is easy to open the zipper on the three-side sealing bag and the main bag.IMG_20180105_164336

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