What Are The Advantages Of Doypack?

- Oct 17, 2018-

In today's society, packaging bags are also given new content, they are not only a container of food, more is a corporate culture embodiment, and some can even be called artwork. To Doypack and other soft packaging led by the new packaging style continues to impact the traditional packaging.

Initially only as a supplement to the packaging of plastic containers, but with the soft packaging technology, regardless of innovation, doypack and other soft packaging technology matures, adapt to the development trend of the times, to meet the growing demand for the market, in line with the use of modern habits. Doypack soft packaging, such as small and delicate, low cost, ideal printing effect, such as the market is welcomed, not only in the Food packaging field and in the field of commodity packaging has been widely used, then with the traditional plastic container packaging, doypack and other soft packaging advantages of the characteristics of what is there?

Fujian Sheng Bang Plastic Co., Ltd. Small series for you to summarize:

1, affordable, low cost: Compared with the container, doypack and other flexible packaging in the cost of several times the price difference, directly reduce the cost of packaging.

2, low-carbon environmental protection, can be recycled: doypack and other flexible packaging using new polymer materials as raw materials, so in environmental protection has a significant effect, recyclable recycling, convenient and efficient, small footprint: Doypack and other soft packaging compact, foldable scale, occupied area, easy to carry