What Are The Advantages Of Antistatic Aluminum Foil Bag

- Dec 18, 2019-

In our daily life, we often come into contact with aluminum foil bags. Some products need anti-static aluminum foil bags. The anti-static aluminum foil bags have very strong barrier and shielding properties. The inner layer is made of pure metal aluminum and the thickness is 70- Between 180 microns, the bag type can be divided into three sides sealed, self-supporting zipper bag, yin and yang bag, with good water resistance, oxygen blocking, light protection, puncture resistance.


Anti-static aluminum foil bags can protect static-sensitive components from electrostatic hazards to the greatest extent. Their unique four-layer structure can form an "induction cover" effect to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer can eliminate static electricity. Composed of ethylene, superior antistatic function, slow and safe discharge of electrostatic field, this heat-sealable bag is translucent, easy to observe, and does not affect product barcode reading. It is mainly used in electronic components and clothing packaging industries.