Three Special Functions Of Aluminum Foil Bags

- Nov 05, 2019-

The three special functions of the aluminum foil bag are the meaning of the function, the function of the use of the machine and the movable body. The following is a detailed analysis of the meaning of the three and special functions.


I. Appropriate function: This function is a necessary precaution for circulation, sales, purchase, and use, thus forming an important aspect of the appearance of the aluminum foil packaging bag.

Second, the use of function: display on the aluminum foil packaging bag on how to use the contents of the package, and design the necessary accessories. For example, how comfortable the hand feels or whether it can be considered after the cover is opened at the initial design. The design should fully consider the nature and purpose of the contents of the package, and guide the consumer to use it through design.

3. Transportable function: It is possible to carry the articles that are difficult to handle in the aluminum foil bag. Of course, it is sometimes necessary to transfer or carry the entire group by means of the cargo turnover box to realize the overall movable of several packages. The foil bag design at this time must take into account the appropriate weight that the carrier can bear to facilitate handling.

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