The Seven Functions Of Food Packaging Bags

- Feb 25, 2019-

When it comes to food packaging bags, you may only think about the role of food packaging. The role of food packaging bags is more than that. It has another very useful role - to increase corporate visibility! Today, Xiaobian will share with you the seven functions of food packaging bags.

1. Transportation protection

In the process of food transportation, the physical phenomena that are not conducive to food transportation, such as collision, extrusion, vibration, etc., can be avoided. The food packaging bag can well protect the food in the packaging bag and avoid damage caused by unfavorable factors. Food is well protected during transport.


2, the shell protection

Food packaging bags can separate food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc. Leakage prevention is also a necessary factor in packaging design. Some packages include desiccants or deoxidizers to extend shelf life. Vacuum packaging or evacuating the air in the bag is also the main food packaging method. Keeping the food clean, fresh and safe during the shelf life is the primary function of the package.

3, save volume, facilitate classification

Stuffing a small item of the same kind into a package is a good way to save volume. Powders and granular objects need to be packaged.

4, to convey information

The packaging and labeling of food packaging can convey information about how people use, transport, recycle or process food packaging bags or food.

5. Enhance corporate visibility

The logo, company name and other information of the printing design enterprise on the food packaging bag can play a role in publicity and promotion, effectively improve the visibility of the enterprise, and it is simply a "mobile flyer"! This is another major role of food packaging bags.

6, anti-theft anti-theft, protect business interests


Food packaging can prevent food from being returned to other commodities, and food packaging can also reduce the possibility of food being stolen. Some food packaging bags are very strong and have anti-counterfeiting labels to protect the interests of the business from loss. The bag can have a laser logo, special color, SMS authentication and other labels. In addition, in order to prevent theft, the retailer has an electronic surveillance label attached to the food packaging bag, and the consumer receives the outlet of the store for degaussing.

7, easy to measure, manage

Food packaging bags are easy to add, load, unload, stack, display, sell, open, reload, use and reuse. It is also convenient to calculate the quantity, which is very convenient and greatly improves the efficiency of food transportation packaging.

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