The Role Of The Coffee Exhaust Valve

- Aug 08, 2019-

With the development of society and commerce, people's demands for matter have become higher. Western coffee culture has become more and more popular among people, and more and more people drink coffee. It can both refresh and enjoy life. With the increasing sales of coffee, you may find that there is an exhaust valve on the coffee bag. So the question is, what is the function of this exhaust valve? Bite, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of coffee venting bags, let us tell you!


Features of high quality exhaust valve coffee bag:

1. The carbon dioxide released from the roasted coffee beans is automatically discharged out of the coffee bag.

2, to prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide caused by the rise of bags, explosion bags.

3, blocking the outside air can not enter the coffee bag.

4. Prevent the coffee in the coffee bag from being oxidized and deteriorated.

5. The quality and flavor of the coffee beans are guaranteed to remain unchanged.



The purpose of the coffee bag exhaust valve: the one-way exhaust valve is hot-pressed to the coffee bag by a pneumatic pressure valve, and at the same time the hole is placed on the surface of the bag where the one-way exhaust valve is installed, and the roasted coffee can be baked. The carbon dioxide released by the beans is automatically discharged outside the coffee bag when a certain pressure is reached.

In addition, the one-way exhaust valve with filter screen can filter the powder in the bag, and in addition to the function of discharging the gas in the coffee bag and insulating the outside air into the bag, it can also isolate the influence of the powder on the exhaust valve and prevent the powder. Spraying the bag causes contamination.


It not only effectively guarantees the quality and flavor of coffee beans or coffee powder, nor does it cause the coffee bags to rise in bags and burst bags due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide, preventing the coffee beans or coffee powder from oxidizing and deteriorating.


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