The Role Of Packaging Bags In The Printing Market

- Jun 26, 2019-

Nowadays, the products on the market basically have a good-selling bag, so why is a bag so good to look at? Because the design of commodity packaging products has become a combination of science, art and culture, it requires unique creativity, wonderful ideas and perfect integration with modern technology.

As a highly knowledge-intensive creative activity, commodity packaging products play an important role in inducing consumption, improving commodity competitiveness, and promoting enterprise development. Therefore, packaging products have a great impact on consumer psychology, and even They will know their understanding and feelings about the products. In this regard, enterprises should conduct in-depth research on the mental functions of commodity packaging products. [Packing bag printing]

(1) Impact on the psychology of teenagers and children


Juveniles and children are a typical perceptual consumption. They think that “product packaging is the most important factor, and more attention is paid to the visual impression of goods. Children are mainly physiological needs in infants and young children. As they grow older, they need to From the development of instinct to the need of a society with self-awareness. Later, with the increase of age, imitative consumption is gradually replaced by consumption with individual characteristics.

(2) Impact on the psychology of young consumers

Youth's self-awareness is one of the most concentrated expressions of youth personality development. The youth's independent intention is very strong, the heart is rich, passionate and imaginative. For this reason, young people's demand for goods is fashionable and novel, often new. Tryers of products, they are not willing to lag behind the times, the pursuit of the new era is the common psychology of most of them.

(3) Impact on female consumers' psychology

The aesthetics of female consumer groups influence the trend of social consumption. Female consumers also pay attention to the practicality and specific benefits of goods, as well as the convenience of goods and creativity in life. Therefore, designers should apply the product packaging design just right. The psychological characteristics of modern women and their changing trends enable the color and style of packaging to induce women's emotions. The packaging patterns and colors of the products should be clear and enthusiastic; the packaging of goods should pay attention to propaganda and fashion, and the consumption trend should be manifested; as long as the female consumers are understood Purchasing motivation and demand, as well as the psychological activities of decision-making, can grasp the new opportunities of the female consumer market and the changes and development trends of the entire consumer market.