The Role Of Moisture-proof Packaging Bags

- Jan 15, 2019-

For products that are affected by moisture absorption, moisture-proof bags are very important. Through the moisture-proof packaging bag, it can prevent the goods from being damaged by the external moisture during storage and transportation. For example, drugs, crispy foods, close-packed instruments, metal products, etc., will be degraded by the action of moisture, and even lose their use value.

For those products that have more water content and lose moisture and the treatment will be affected, the moisture-proof packaging bag is also very important. For example, if bread, cake, cosmetics, etc. lose their own moisture, the treatment will decline, and even Loss of use value.

From the perspective of the moisture-proof packaging bag, the packaged articles can be roughly classified as follows:

1、 Hygroscopicity: low moisture content of the self: absorption of external moisture has an impact on quality. The moisture-proof packaging bag can prevent moisture absorption of the product, such as medicines and cement.

High self-water content: the quality of product water loss will decrease. Water-proof packaging can be avoided through moisture-proof packaging bags, such as bread and cosmetics.

2、 Non-hygroscopic: The product itself is non-hygroscopic, but in a high-humidity environment, it has an image of product quality. The moisture-proof packaging bag can separate the product from the high-humidity atmosphere, such as metal.