The Role Of Food Packaging Bag Desiccant

- Aug 05, 2019-

A good packaging bag for the preservation of the product, the protection effect is very good, such as aluminum foil packaging bag is very strong, it will not cause loss of food nutrition or fragrance, prevent oxidation. Another example is that the vacuum packaging bag has a very good preservation effect on the food, which can extend the shelf life of the product. There are also some poorly insulated bags that keep the food for a long time. Therefore, the general bag has a desiccant, and the appearance is a transparent, colorless granular desiccant made of natural cerium oxide. Non-toxic, stable, and super absorbent! So after eating snacks, don't throw away the desiccant inside.

1. If your mobile phone is inadvertently soaked in water, it should be shut down immediately, and use desiccant to absorb the moisture in the mobile phone. The effect is better than the rice grain! Of course, if the water intake is serious, it is recommended to take a trip to the repair shop.


2. Many people will store photos in albums, boxes or cabinets. You may wish to drop a pack of desiccant to prevent the photos from getting wet, not only to save photos, but also to preserve these precious memories.

3. People living in areas with heavy moisture can try to put the desiccant on the windshield of the car. The simple steps will save you the trouble of removing the mist.

4. Place the razor and blade in a bag or box of desiccant to prevent the blade from rusting due to moisture.

5. In fact, there are many uses of desiccant, such as sports bags, suitcases, shoes, camera cabinets, food storage cabinets, etc., so that items can be dried and stored for a long time.

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