The Role Of Aluminum Foil In Food Packaging Bags

- Mar 05, 2019-

As people become more and more aware of the quality of their lives, the variety of foods is also growing... Different food types have different packaging.

Food bags can help extend the shelf life of foods, and the preservation effect is different for some different materials.

A common aluminum foil bag is used in food packaging, and its use must meet certain sealing requirements, which also ensures the sealing degree of the aluminum foil bag.


A common and more stringent sealing method is the heat sealing method.

The heat sealing method is a method of fusing two layers of aluminum foil in a continuous manner, and the fusion is to make two layers of aluminum foil into one layer without causing problems such as cracking or cracking, and at the same time, there is no problem of leakage, thereby realizing the problem. Sealing requirements. The food packaging bag is a manufacturing process requirement formulated by the functional requirements to make the packaging achieve a certain effect.

Aluminum foil bags come in many sizes, not only in size but also in different thicknesses, which also makes it a measure of packaging requirements.

Different product packaging, the thickness of the packaging used is different, which is determined by the packaging properties of the product. For products with strict vacuum requirements, the thickness of the material used is larger.


The greater the thickness of the aluminum foil packaging bag, the more stringent the function of the packaging, the more the packaging requirements can be met, but the packaging cost will be higher, and the packaging material cost is calculated by quality.

Food packaging bags are not simply made of aluminum foil, but made of composite materials. The composite material is made of aluminum foil and nylon, and some are made of four layers of co-extruded film. When food is used, it is often a multi-layer composite.

The reason for using multi-layer composite materials is to package food and maintain the quality of food. The other is to print rich colors and patterns on food bags, which also makes food a market-recognized way, and also food. The necessary way to promote.

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