The Meaning Of The Sealing Film Of Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag For Food Packaging

- Jul 17, 2019-

A series of packaging products, such as aluminum foil packaging bags, have become commonplace in life. Today we have to mention another packaging product, which is also a popular packaging equipment in the world. It is the most common sealing film on the market. .

What is the sealing film? I believe that everyone who has had milk tea, yogurt, instant noodles and pickles knows that there is a film on the surface that needs to be removed to eat the food inside. This protective film is the so-called parafilm. It is also a foil bag package like many bags. The sealing film can be translucent, fully transparent or plastic or aluminum foil packaging material, and is widely used in many packaging industries.


The sealing film can tightly wrap the surface layer so that it does not leak. Its anti-permeability is good, moisture-proof and moisture-proof also has insulation performance, and there is enough quality to isolate the oxygen and other products from being broken.

Sealing film, like gas bags, has a place in today's packaging market, especially in plastic flexible packaging. Its small size and small footprint make it easy for businesses to look at.