The Meaning Of Food Packaging Huli Fancy

- May 24, 2019-

Today, bags are everywhere, and a wide variety of bags are bells and whistles. Unlike before, it was a single solid color bag or a blank bag. Then why is a bag with such a high pursuit? Here are three aspects to introduce to you.

First, better to attract the attention of consumers

Visual attraction is a link in all marketing activities. It is also a crucial link. Through the rational use of color, graphics and text, the terminal is vividly displayed, attracting the attention of target consumers, and letting the products and brands of enterprises Many of the competitive brands and products are unique in their enthusiasm, which has aroused the consumer interest and enthusiasm of the target consumers, and the wings of visual marketing have been swung up.


Second, improve the value of goods

The position and role of commodity packaging in modern marketing activities is increasingly eye-catching. In the market business, some scholars refer to the packaging as the fifth P parallel to the marketing 4P combination. The creative food packaging design will make consumers feel that the packaging is 100% sincerity, and the product will not be bad. Thereby improving the trustworthiness of the product. Moreover, creative packaging is a package that keeps pace with the trend of the times and even reflects the development trend of the future society. It can increase the value of goods more than traditional packaging.


Third, accelerate brand recognition

As an effective channel for delivering product information to consumers, commodity packaging has been increasingly valued by enterprises. A food packaging design consists of four elements: readability, appearance, trademark impression and functional characteristics, while creative food packaging design combines various factors according to the aesthetics of the packaging design and the characteristics of the product. And through the appropriate packaging materials to provide a shelf image for the goods, to attract consumers' eyes and stimulate the desire to purchase.

Food is the most common thing we touch every day. Food packaging design can also be seen in all aspects of our lives. We need to grasp its development rhythm, keep up with its footsteps, and take a different approach to give these delicious people a "icing on the cake" .

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