The Main Functions And Benefits Of Vacuum Bags

- Dec 07, 2018-

Vacuum packaging bags, vacuum bags, and the removal of internal air, it is obvious that oxygen does not exist. We all know that food deterioration is mainly caused by microbial activities. Without oxygen, microorganisms lack the environment for survival. Can be saved for a long time.

Vacuum bags, aluminum foil vacuum bags, anti-static vacuum bags, can also prevent the oxidation of food, such as some lipids, to prevent their rancidity, there are vitamins and the like, easy to change color, with a vacuum packaging bag, can effectively Keep the color and aroma of the food.

The vacuum bag has a high barrier and has the effect of blocking moisture and oxygen. The internal itself blocks these. Together with this, it has double protection and stable performance. It can withstand low temperature refrigeration and can withstand oil attack.

Some vacuum bags also have a moisture-proof function, and of course there is also a high temperature resistance. In addition to the traditional sterilization method, the food can be better preserved.

The vacuum bag has a completely retaining effect on the vacuum because of its barrier to moisture. Therefore, it is also called a moisture-proof bag. This moisture-proof effect is the effect of the material of the bag, and its heat-sealing performance also plays a very important role.