The Latest Development Trend Of Packaging Design

- Mar 13, 2019-

Packaging bags are everywhere in today's life, because packaging is a product of industrialization and socio-economic development. The marketing packaging designed to cater to the market, guide consumption, meet people's material needs and aesthetic needs, and its packaging characteristics, Material waste is serious, and even the packaging cost of the product greatly exceeds the product itself.

The current mission of packaging is to promote, in order to better balance the contradiction between sales and environmental protection, the development of packaging design has a new trend:

01. Green packaging

Green packaging refers to packaging that can be recycled and does not pollute the environment. It means a new technological revolution in the packaging industry – addressing the handling of packaging waste and the development of degradable plastics. At present, the packaging products designed in China are packaging that aims to save resources. For example, reusable environmental protection bags are better ways to save resources.

Here we will talk about the packaging design of the famous designer Idasuke, the Japanese designer Tokusuke. The design looks like a good-looking appearance, but the material has chosen a green bottle and label design that reduces crude oil consumption.

At the same time, the eco-friendly bottle is softer and thinner. It weighs only 60% of the ordinary PET bottles and can be screwed together to save more space during garbage collection.

With the selling point of “can be screwed plastic bottle”, Shui Sen lived quickly after the listing, and became the first bottled water in Japan in the first year. This original design is also called “can feel Environmental protection."


02. Packaging of specialty products

Packaging is now selling in various categories in the marketing market, and China's packaging is also developing towards ethnic characteristics. For example, Chinese traditional holiday foods: hazelnuts, moon cakes, rice cakes, dumplings, etc., these traditional foods can be designed according to local folk customs.

There are also some traditional Chinese snacks "cakes" and "tea." For example, "tea", in addition to "tea ceremony" in China, more daily drinks, to meet the basic physiology and hospitality needs of hospitality, mostly as a gift to the guests. These can be designed to have a unique packaging shape with folk customs.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival just past, a large number of mooncake packaging designs with brand features or cultural characteristics emerged. For example, the following paragraph is designed in the black gold color with Su Shi's "Water Melody", which restores the most traditional Mid-Autumn impression that people first met in the textbook.

The following Suzhou traditional sweets gift box is inspired by Suzhou memory and childhood memories. It uses the memories of childhood hide-and-seek to combine the outer packaging with the inner packaging to depict the scenes of childhood hide-and-seek. Also rich in humanistic feelings.

03. Shape-specific shape packaging

At present, there are more and more different shapes of boxes on the market attracting consumers, and this business opportunity is favored by many companies. To break through the traditional container changes, not a regular shape. Such containers first appeared in some high-end cosmetics, such as the container design of the perfume, and the unique taste of the bottle was used to express its unique taste, thus successfully obtaining sales.

At present, the process of making the special shape is put into use by the merchants for the more common plastic packaging. For example, Procter & Gamble's Olay brand originally used this technology to make the final container box look more like a cylinder instead of a cube, thus successfully opening the sales, and this technology was later imitated by more companies.


04. Textured material packaging

Graphic design emphasizes the impact of vision, but the sense of touch is texture. Textured materials are already very popular in cosmetic packaging.

Textures are often produced by embossing lines on paper. When people pick it up, they will find that it gives the finger a different touch from ordinary cardboard, which has a strong contrast with smooth or matte paper. After investigation, most customers prefer packaging products with textured materials. . Therefore, textured paper is preferred by consumers.

Just like the following cosmetic packaging, using the elements of the ancient Roman visual tradition, the full-packaged golden fine lines are spread, and the paper packaging has a sense of impact on the touch and the visual, making the pattern more prominent, emphasizing a kind Luxurious feeling.

05. Dazzling flashing packaging

At present, there are a lot of dazzling and flashing packaging products on the market. For example, in cosmetic packaging, the technology of laser hot stamping has been used to make packaging, in order to achieve eye-catching sales. There are also some toothpaste packaging designs, and special effects inks, coatings and metal materials are being added to this trend.

Manufacturers strive to differentiate their products through this innovation, but at the same time save cost, so it is a cost-effective way to achieve such a look and feel, that is, use metallic ink or shine in printing. Pearl oil.

Imagine the following. In the future, we will see more decorative trays with decorative colors in the market.


06. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging

With the development of science and technology, anti-counterfeiting methods are also increasingly numerous. In order to make the products that occupy the market preferentially not be replaced by other manufacturers, many brands try to create their unique anti-counterfeiting effects. Therefore, it combines the anti-counterfeiting techniques of physics, electromagnetism, optics, materials science, chemistry, and computer technology to form a new discipline. Printing anti-counterfeiting is one of the new technologies. There are three main types:

1 watermark paper. In the process of papermaking, the use of technical means to make logos, patterns, etc. into the paper, these patterns are not easy to see under normal circumstances, only to see the glare. In the era of advanced science and technology, watermarks are still recognized by anti-counterfeiting experts from all over the world as an effective anti-counterfeiting technology.

2 fiber paper. When paper fibers are added to the pulp during papermaking, the paper can be made into an anti-counterfeiting paper, and the fibers incorporated into the pulp are colored fibers and colorless fluorescent fibers.

3 metal wires. In the process of papermaking, a metal wire or plastic wire is placed in the middle of the paper as a security printing paper, and the effect is very good.

Multi-process combination, combination of multiple printing equipment, and mutual penetration of various printing processes, combined with printing processes such as silk, concave, soft, hot stamping, and coding, make printing products more unpredictable, colorful, and adopt these The packaging products printed by the new technology set a lot of obstacles and resistance for trying to fake.


From the perspective of the future development of the international packaging industry, the development trend of packaging is closely integrated with the development of industrial design of packaging. Brand strategy, environmental strategy, technology strategy, material strategy, printing strategy, and marketing strategy all provide packaging system for enterprise products. Personalization is the primary requirement of packaging. The research and development of technology will make new breakthroughs in packaging technology, and the high-quality and high-energy characteristic packaging industry will gradually develop. How to better develop packaging design around the purpose of “safety, health and environmental protection” is a problem that enterprises and packaging design companies need to consider.

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