The Difference Between A Water Bag And A Kettle

- Oct 17, 2018-

Water bag and kettle compared, what advantages, can make a comparison. Weight/volume ratio: Obviously, water bags are far more advantageous than kettles, especially compared to aluminum kettles.

The same volume of water bags and kettles compared to 1/4 lighter than plastic water bottle, but also equivalent to half the weight of aluminum kettle.

Convenient water: Water bag has advantages, only need to bite the water mouth can drink, drinking water process does not need to stay, maintain continuous movement process. Storage in the backpack: the advantages of water bags more, because it is soft products, you can naturally squeeze into the gap in the backpack.

Especially the spare water bag. From these points above, the water bag is perfect for outdoor activities. Of course, the drawbacks of water bag is very obvious, most of the common water bags in the market is not afraid of pressure, but once the puncture is completely unusable, especially in order to protect the water bag, people often put water bags into the backpack, once punctured ~ ~ ~ The consequences of unimaginable ah. Water Bag Cleaning is also more troublesome, especially the water pipe. Irrigation is also relatively troublesome.

Not to be able to put a high degree of wine.