The Development Direction Of The Composite Flexible Packaging Industry

- Mar 19, 2019-

2019 is a new starting point for many industries, many industries are welcoming development opportunities, and the composite flexible packaging industry will also usher in spring. A variety of food packaging bags, electronic packaging bags, clothing packaging bags, toy packaging bags, etc. are more varied. Along with the continuous development of science and technology, energy and resources are gradually depleted, and environmental pressures are also growing. In the packaging industry, on the basis of meeting customer needs, how to better take the road of environmental protection?


The "Internet" has made the development of some enterprises change the marketing model. More and more products have been pushed onto the big sales platform of the Internet. Relatively, more and more products are going abroad. The export volume of products is gradually expanding, and the demand for packaging is no longer limited to the domestic market. For export, the products need to be packaged, and the packaging bags are needed.

In the domestic packaging sales, the packaging bag originally belonged to the status of the leader, the packaging of flour, chemical products and special products. Moreover, more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to foreign markets. With the development of the Internet sales platform, the demand for packaging bags will increase exponentially.


The data shows that China's packaging bag manufacturers have reached more than 100,000, only about 5,000 manufacturers have reached a certain scale, less than 2,000 manufacturers have obtained certain production certification, that is to say, there are still a large number of plastic packaging bags manufacturers fail to meet production standards. . It turns out that manufacturers that do not meet production standards can be said to be not competitive.

The future development of composite packaging manufacturers is difficult and difficult, and the government environmental protection department will severely crack down on manufacturers that are not legally produced. According to relevant policies, plastics manufacturers must take the road of environmental protection. Otherwise, the future development will be worrying.

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