The Choice Of Packaging Materials, Have You Chosen The Right One?

- Nov 27, 2018-

1 excellent protection performance.

The protection performance mainly refers to the protection of the contents, preventing them from deteriorating and ensuring the quality. When selecting packaging materials, attention should be paid to the mechanical strength, moisture absorption, corrosion resistance, heat and cold resistance, light transmission, gas permeability, UV penetration resistance, oil resistance, temperature variability, and non-toxicity of packaging materials. , no odor and other performance indicators.

Take the sucking jelly bag as an example.

1. Long-term storage of sucking jelly bags is not allowed to leak or leak. The heat sealing material of the composite packaging bag must have good low temperature heat sealing performance and heat sealing strength (heat sealing temperature ≤ 135 ° C, heat sealing strength of PET composite product ≥ 50N/15mm, heat sealing strength of NY composite product ≥ 60N) /15mm).

2, sucking jelly bag materials must be non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, chemical properties are stable, can not react with the contents. The solvent residue should be strictly controlled during the production process, and the solvent residue must meet the national standard. The composite bag must be safe. Do not accidentally or accidentally eat when using.

3. In the process of filling, packaging, transportation, sales and consumption, liquid jelly will inevitably have the phenomenon of extrusion, stacking and falling. This requires that the composite packaging bag must have excellent compression resistance and impact resistance. To prevent breakage, the mechanical strength of the packaging material is important.