The Characteristics That The Bag Must Have

- Apr 23, 2019-

Nowadays, business is developing rapidly. If you are a company that sells products, the packaging of the product is very important to it. What are the characteristics of that excellent packaging? Let's talk about your point of view:

1. Look good.

Any design that deviates from the aesthetics is not an excellent design. In many cases, a package design can make many people like it because it looks good. Because just looking at the design, you can already open a lot of the market. Packed up.

2. Identification.

Identity is actually personality. An excellent packaging design should be distinguished from other brands' packaging. To have a brand style, it is best for consumers to know which brand of products they see when they see the product packaging. This is very similar to being a person. Individuals with personalities are easily remembered by others.


3. Originality.

Originality is very important for designers and brands. Copying other people's design works not only violates the designer's professionalism, but also damages the brand's interests, makes the brand have a cottage, is not official, and is also missing. Personality. Therefore, original packaging design works are also conducive to the manufacture of brand identity.

4. Meet product attributes.

For packaging design, this is actually the most basic point. Food packaging must have the appearance of food packaging. Don’t make it like pharmaceutical packaging. Other designers will design male products packaging to be very feminine. Well, packaging designs that do not conform to product attributes can easily mislead consumers and are not conducive to product sales.


5. Extensibility.

Good packaging design should also be malleable, because in many cases a packaging design needs to be extended into the packaging design of multiple products, and we also often use the packaging design elements in the brand's communication process, with a malleable packaging. Design can make the product more popular and more stereoscopic.

6. Can talk.

Many people don't know this. Packaging design or designers who can do this are rare. Talking can mean that consumers can easily get the information they want from the product packaging. The packaging design of this orange juice directly prints the production time as the main element on the package. It is very simple and rude to tell the consumer how fresh the bottle of orange juice is. This design also makes the brand's orange juice sales. Great increase, this is the real cow idea.


7. Match the brand positioning.

This is easily overlooked by newcomers. Many designers have come up with a package design project and started to design a package based on the attributes of the product. It is recognizable and pretty, but it was finally approved by the customer. pause. why? Because you have positioned people as the most dazzling townships in the middle and high-end market, how can people sell them? Similarly, it is not right for you to design a cheap product that enters the rural market as a luxury product. Brand positioning is something that a brand must adhere to for a long time. All designs should conform to the brand positioning, and packaging design is no exception.

8. Protection function and convenient transportation.

Yes, the packaging design is cool, cool, and creative, but if it doesn't have product protection and is not convenient to transport, it is a failed package, because the original intention of the packaging design is for these two points. Old drivers who have done a lot of floor-to-floor packaging will feel more. If your product packaging protection function is not in place, or it is not convenient to transport, it will bring great losses to the company.

The above eight points are very important for packaging design, but it does not mean that a package design must be satisfied with the above eight points. I think everyone can put the first, third, fourth, seventh, and 8 points is used as a basis for determining whether a package is acceptable, and 2nd, 5th, and 6th can be used as a basis for determining whether a package is excellent. Oh, yes, I almost forgot the last point: a really good packaging design can still stand the test of the market, can promote product sales or enhance the brand's goodwill.

The above points are my personal summary and understanding, I hope to help you a bit.

A good package is two points. One point is that consumers see a desire to buy. The second point is to let consumers remember the brand and place a second order.