Ten Tips For Packaging Design

- Oct 28, 2019-

The design is the necessary department and external form that is indispensable for modern goods. The creative packaging design is not only the beautiful outerwear of the goods entering the market. It is also an effective means to realize the value of goods and the value of use.

Excellent ideas come from the designer's keen market insight and positive thinking, knowledge accumulation and rich experience. Creative is the baby of packaging design success. Packaging Before making detailed ideas, we must first fully understand the companies and products that produce the products, generally starting from three aspects:


1. The basic situation of the market, such as the market characteristics and potential of the product, competitors and so on.

2. The basic situation of the consumer group, such as: the spring and autumn of the consumer group, economic income, cultural quality and so on.

3, the basic situation of market-related products and their own products, (such as the new product is still the old product packaging), including brand image and reputation, goodwill, trust, product price, quality, sales methods.

Through extensive understanding, the designer can fully exert his or her imagination and creativity according to the information he has grasped, make preliminary creative ideas, and then further refine, perfect and develop, and finally determine the creative cutting point.

1. Packaging creative expressions and methods

Packaging needs to be transmitted through a fixed form of expression. Choosing an appropriate form of expression is a pivotal link for accurately disseminating corporate image and product information. Appropriate forms of expression can play a role in enhancing the commerciality of products.

2. raised features

Different products. Have different characteristics. This feature is often the personality of a company and its products that are different from other companies and products. It reflects the difference between this product and other similar products. The appeal of corporate products to consumers. Often not in their commonality. It lies in their personality characteristics.

3. Consumption positioning

The object of the packaging screen is the identification group and influence group of the product, and is the ultimate consumer of the enterprise product. When designing a designer, it is important to know who the product is sold to. This is a positioning design that focuses on the specific consumer groups of the product. Consumer groups can be divided according to the Spring and Autumn, gender, and class, and different products face different consumer groups. Design only thinks about the specific consumer groups that the product faces, in order to achieve the direct effect, to close the gap between products and consumers, and create a sense of affinity.


4. Exaggerate the brand

Different products, different brands and trade names, and a personalized brand image are powerful weapons to occupy the market. New products often use the new creative image to win the favor of consumers.

5. With less wins

With a minimum investment. Get the most out of it. This is the same as the performance of trade creed design. However, the lack of design is the result of a large number of ideas and multiple schemes in the early stage. It is the essence of packaging graphics and text. Ingest the main color and simple layout of the package. The clear, simple packaging picture makes people feel that they are infected with noble elegance and fashion, and they are extremely rare. Sometimes they are too cumbersome. This kind of less is not a simple, but a generalization of concentration through refining.

6. Mastery of degree

Packaging design is a practical visual art. It has the duality of function and art. In order to achieve strong artistic appeal, all other forms of visual art can be its means of expression. The artistic expression of each painting language is to convey product information. of. As long as I can express the subject matter of the product, I can think of it as I use it. However, there is a degree problem that cannot be fully moved. It must be used for the present and the present, and the ocean is used for the top, reflecting the renewal point of re-creation. Let various forms of painting become the talker of commodity talk, and become the symbol of the product image.

7. Can not be met

Some things in the real life can be encountered, and the random sporadic performance of the unpredictable packaging design is similar. For example, the performance of the abstract mechanism of packaging shading is an unintentional accidental use. It is unintentional that the accidental shape is made by natural coupling, which is difficult to predict and cannot be set in advance. Unintentionally, the accidental shape is rather embarrassing, but its charm is often unique to Superman, and it is impossible to meet. It is also one of the common techniques for packaging design to pursue novel visions.

8. Add and subtract

One of the hallmarks of the highest state of art is to do subtraction. In particular, the performance of graphics, can not be all-inclusive, to take its essence, in the most concise visual language. The condition for doing subtraction is to do addition, first and then less, no more can not be less, that is, the elements to be involved are first listed, to compare, catch typical, repeatedly scrutinize, to achieve the purpose of deletion.

9. Strengthen and weaken

There are many different products for packaging design, and the creative expression techniques vary from product to product. Some pursue the rich and delicate picture, but need to strengthen the performance, some seek simple and simple picture, but need to weaken the desalination process. The enhancement and weakening here can be understood as the visual density of the package picture, the visual density refers to the intensity of the graphic text on the picture, and the different packages have different visual densities.

The general-purpose daily life products have a very high visual density of the packaging screen, and various information is displayed on the packaging in a maximized image. The packaging of cosmetics and modern products is a low-density design.

10. Monochrome wins

Monochrome (including spot color) and four colors are compared. There are many natural and woody patterns, grass patterns, animal prints, and partial reproduction. They are used as the shading decoration for various packaging bags. A brand new visual sentiment infection. This is the performance of design art above the natural phenomenon. The designer reproduces the common object image with the usual visual angle of non-conformity, which is the embodiment of re-creation. The packaging design wants to show off the sword's slanting creativity from the color point of view, and can consider the use of monochrome. Reach your gorgeous, my pure pure effect.

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