Tea Packaging Material Analysis

- Nov 27, 2018-

Tea bags are a kind of packaging bags that are common in our daily life. The basic requirements are moisture-proof, itching, good sealing performance, environmental protection, and beautiful printing. So, do you know the tea bag material?

The first PET/VMPET/PE, a high-density, high-barrier, light-shielded vacuum bag made of three plastic films, commonly known as polyester aluminized bags. It is often seen in the packaging of tea in our lives.


The second PA/PE, which is a vacuum package made of nylon and high pressure, has puncture resistance, tensile strength, high density and moisture resistance. This can be transparent, or it can be printed in an all-time opaque vacuum bag, which is also very suitable for tea packaging.

The third type of PA/AL/PE, which is a composite of three kinds of tea vacuum packaging bags, is called aluminum foil packaging bag. Compared with the above two types, the density is higher and the barrier performance is better, but the cost is relatively high. Generally, customers are not recommended. Use this vacuum bag to pack tea leaves. Of course, if our customers have higher requirements for our products, we can consider the choice of this material. However, in some high-grade teas, it is quite common to use such aluminum foil bags to package tea.