Stand-up Bag Making Process

- Aug 16, 2019-

The self-supporting bag packaging form has a wide range of applications in liquid beverage products. Compared with other packaging, the stand-up pouch packaging bag has a unique style. It can be placed on the flat ground without supporting the natural one, and can be taken anytime and anywhere. And the appearance of good looks is also conducive to the display of the shelves. There are a wide variety of self-supporting bags, zippered stand-up pouches, octagonal self-supporting pouches, aluminum foil stand-up pouches, etc. How is a good stand-up pouch made?


<production procedure>

1. Prepare: Install the horizontal heat sealing knife, the bottom heat sealing knife, strengthen the heat sealing knife, and install the punching device.

2, through the film, set the EPC, align the edge of the bag and the pattern.

3. Adjust the bottom heat sealing knife and input the length dimension. The position of the knife should be flush. The upper knife is the reference adjustment knife to check whether the round hole is round. Set the photoelectric sensor.

4. Install the bottom film and adjust to the middle fold. Adjust the base film to punch holes.

5. Adjust the lateral heat seal to align the position of the heat seal knife with the print position.

6. Adjust the heat seal block and fill the pressure at the intersection of the four floors.

7. Adjust the cutting knife and cut the cutting device.

8. Confirm and adjust the bottom hole punching position and the bottom heat sealing position. Confirm and adjust the lateral heat seal knife and strengthen the position of the heat seal block. Confirm the heat seal strength and adjust the heat seal temperature.

<Production points>

1. The film tension should not be too high. If the tension is too high, the round hole on the bottom surface will be deformed. The general tension is 0.05~0.2MPa.

2. The first group of heat-sealing knives has higher pressure and lower temperature, and the second and third groups use normal temperature and pressure.

3. Strengthen the spring pressure of the heat seal block to zero, and only make the heat seal device work by its own weight.

4. The silica gel plate generally has a hardness of 50°, and the 70° plate is used when the hot sealing area is small.

5. When heat sealing, the round hole on the bottom surface is called ellipse to increase the waiting time by 100min.

6, the bag making speed is generally 50 ~ 100 / min.


Poor treatment during the production of stand-up pouches

First, the bag leaks

The main reason for the leakage of the stand-up bag lies in the choice of composite materials and the heat seal strength.

 1, the choice of materials

The material selection of the stand-up pouch is important for leak prevention in order to increase the peel strength between the outer layer and the intermediate barrier layer, the barrier layer and the heat seal layer material, and the heat seal strength of the pouch. Therefore, the surface tension of the composite surface of the film must be greater than 38 dyn/cm; the low-temperature heat-sealing performance of the inner heat-sealing film should be good, and the surface tension of the thermal cover must be less than 34 dyn/cm; in addition, the ink with good connection performance should be selected. Solid low viscosity adhesive, high purity organic solvent.

2, heat seal strength

The low heat seal strength is also one of the important factors affecting the leakage of the stand-up pouch. The heat seal temperature should be adjusted to match the heat seal temperature, heat seal pressure and heat seal time. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat sealing temperature of different structural bags. Because of the different melting points of different types of plastic films, the heat sealing temperature is also different; the heat sealing pressure should not be too large, and the heat sealing time should not be too long, so as to avoid macromolecular degradation and heat sealing. The layer is sheared by a heat sealing knife in a molten state at a high temperature to lower the sealing strength. In addition, the four-layer seal at the bottom of the stand-up pouch is the most critical part. After sufficient test and verification, the heat seal temperature, heat seal pressure and heat seal time can be determined.

In the actual production process, the self-standing bag should be tested for leaks according to the different requirements of the contents. The simplest and most practical method is to fill a certain amount of air in the bag, heat seal the bag mouth, put it into the basin of the water, and squeeze the different parts of the bag by hand. If no bubbles escape, the bag is indicated. The sealing and sealing property is good; otherwise, the heat sealing temperature and pressure of the leaking part should be adjusted in time. The self-supporting bag with liquid inside should be treated with caution. It can be tested for leakage if it is squeezed and dropped. For example, fill a certain amount of water in the bag, seal the mouth, and test according to GB/T1005-1998 withstand voltage test method. The drop test method can also refer to the above criteria.

Second, the bag type is uneven

Flatness is one of the indicators for measuring the appearance quality of a package. In addition to material factors, the flatness of the stand-up pouch is also related to factors such as heat seal temperature, heat seal pressure, heat seal time and cooling effect. If the heat sealing temperature is too high or the heat sealing pressure is too large and the heat sealing time is too long, the composite film will shrink and deform. Insufficient cooling will result in insufficient shaping after heat sealing, and it will not eliminate internal stress and cause wrinkles in the bag. Therefore, the process parameters should be adjusted and the cooling water circulation system should be working properly.

Third, the symmetry is poor

Symmetry not only affects the appearance of the stand-up pouch, but also affects its sealing performance. The most common asymmetry of the stand-up pouch is often reflected in the bottom part. Due to improper control of the bottom material tension, the bottom hole is deformed or wrinkles are caused by the mismatch with the main material tension, and the heat seal strength is lowered. When the round hole of the bottom material is deformed, the discharge tension should be appropriately reduced, and the waiting time is increased during the heat sealing to be corrected, so that the four layers of the bottom of the bag are sufficiently heat-sealed. In addition, the bag type asymmetry is also related to factors such as photoelectric tracking, discharge, cursor design, rubber roller balance, stepper motor or servo motor synchronization. This problem should be solved according to different products and different bag making equipment in specific operations.

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