Some Forms Of Tea Packaging

- Mar 20, 2019-

Tea is a major specialty in China and a popular consumer product. A good tea must be graded on the packaging, so there are all kinds of packaging. Here are some materials for tea packaging:

First, PE bag (plastic bag)

Polyethylene bags, that is, PE bags, are widely used in packaging materials. Generally, there are two types of low-density PE bags and high-density PE bags. Low-density PE bags are highly permeable and breathable, while high-density PE bags are smaller.

The advantages of PE bags are economical, cheap, and moisture-proof. The shortcomings are light transmission and gas-proof, which cannot be used individually in tea bags. It is best to use a polyethylene bag to add a layer that can block light and have low gas permeability. For example, synthetic paper cans, iron cans, etc.: PE bags have high gas permeability, and it is difficult to solve the oxygen problem in the bags. It is not ideal. Packaging material.

Second, metal cans

The metal iron can has the advantages of resistance to extrusion and good texture. In the early stage, it was mainly used in the inner packaging of PE bags for the outer packaging of tea bags, but it has been gradually eliminated due to its high price and corrosion and rust deformation. The paint taste and the tightness of the lid in the metal iron can not be used alone.

Third, synthetic paper cans

Synthetic paper cans are the most widely used packaging materials. The advantages are economical, light and beautiful. They are still breathable and moisture permeable. They are not suitable for use alone. It is best to use PE bags or aluminum foil laminated bags for inner packaging. This article is transferred from: West Lake Longjing Information Platform

Fourth, aluminum foil laminated bag

The aluminum foil laminated bag is beautiful and elegant, and its advantages are opaque, moisture-proof and oxygen-blocking. The price is more expensive than the PE bag, and there is a problem of extrusion when used alone. The aluminum foil laminating bag can be vacuum or nitrogen-filled or deoxidized. In combination with the packaging carton or synthetic paper can, the tea can be stored in a moisture-proof, gas-proof, light-proof and anaerobic solution. Perfect preservation method.

5. Glass jars, magnetic cans, wooden boxes, cartons

Although the glass jar is excellent in moisture resistance and moisture resistance, it is light-transmissive, brittle, heavy, and expensive. Magnetic cans or pots can be protected from light but are similar to glass jars. They are easily broken and heavy. If the wooden box is not handled properly, it will easily cause the tea to absorb odor and absorb moisture. The paper box or paper bag is easy to absorb moisture and break. These materials are not ideal tea packaging materials. .

Sixth, nitrogen or vacuum bag packaging

Vacuum packaging Because the packaging bag will shrink, in order to avoid re-squeezing collision and aesthetics, it is advisable to add external packaging protection. The nitrogen-filled package will swell and it will not be squeezed to avoid bursting. Both need to be packaged, and the preservation also has good results, but the investment is more expensive. Food paper-plastic composite bag.

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