Snack Bag Design

- May 07, 2019-

A snack wants to sell well, in addition to good product development and marketing, you also need a good-looking bag, a well-known designer in the country a set of seemingly simple food packaging actually asking for 2 million, let alone People are embarrassed, go out to speculate on the gimmick, so that packaging is a picture that focuses on the brand concept, the consumer object, and the product positioning culture.


Nowadays, most designers can make the packaging design very beautiful and exquisite. There are many times when Party A and Party B have started to print each other. This kind of hello is a universal situation, which ignores us. Common customers, consumers first, our design must focus on consumers to dig deep data, let the packaging go on the front line of sales, snack-specific consumer groups, consumer psychology after 90s, 00 is our new concern Topics are also the subject of our common concern, as they will soon become the main consumers.


The design of food packaging bags is a huge test for designers in today's market. How can we stand out in many dazzling foods and how to make our food more attractive to consumers? With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, all kinds of packaged foods have become the main food in life. Food bag design looks very ordinary, but our design staff is very energetic and often overlooked by us. Now let's take a look at some of the good packaging design cases to understand the secrets of food bags.

At present, the hot snacks in the country are: meat-like meat shop, biscuit cake, local specialties, sugar-free food and all kinds of nuts. No matter what is sold, the packaging design must be treated seriously. There is a good start and will give you Go to great determination and faith. Different kinds of foods also need different packaging bags. For example, if you store dried fruits, you need to seal the flat bags and zipper bags. Packing the chicken feet, etc., you need a vacuum bag, and the snacks such as spicy strips need to be sealed on three sides.

Of course, a good-looking snack bag must pass the quality. For example, if you get a bag, you can't find the tearing hole for a long time, or you can tear it open for a long time. In addition, the anti-oxidation, moisture-proof and sealing properties of foods also need to be considered. So you need a snack bag with good quality and high value.

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