Self-supporting Nozzle Bag Introduction

- Aug 05, 2019-

The stand-up pouch is a relatively novel form of packaging. Compared with the traditional packaging form, it has the advantage of convenience, can be conveniently placed in a backpack or a pocket, and the volume is reduced as the content is reduced. It has an advantage in improving product grade, enhancing visual effects, preservation and sealing, so it is widely used in food, daily chemicals and other industries. Self-standing bags with suction nozzles are more common, and it is not unfamiliar to everyone, such as frozen mouth nozzle bags and laundry liquid nozzle bags. Next, Xiaobian also introduces you to the nozzle self-supporting bag:



The bag for the stand-up pouch is made of PET/PA/PE structure, and has three layers, four layers and other specifications, depending on customer needs. The nozzle part is made of HDPE and HDPP raw materials. After heat sealing with flexible bags, it can be used to hold various liquid and powder products such as juice, cow's milk, jelly, ice cream, seasonings and Wash daily chemicals. The nozzle stand-up pouch has the advantage that traditional beverage packaging can't match, but at present, the nozzle stand-up pouch is not suitable for the packaging of carbonated beverages. In today's society where homogenization competition has obvious interests, the competition of nozzle bags is one of the powerful competition methods in the packaging industry. Later, similar penguin bags and stand-up pouches appeared, but many people did not know the relationship between the three.


The picture shows that the bottom of the nozzle is folded up at the bottom of the stand, which saves space.

In fact, these three kinds of bags are essentially the same. The combination of the mouth bag and the stand-up bag is a penguin bag, also called a nozzle stand-up bag. The stand-up pouch was the first to appear, and evolved from the basis of the development of the nozzle bag. Finally, because the mouth bag was somewhat like a penguin, the penguin bag was opened. The nozzle self-standing bag is divided into an upright type and a diagonal type according to the position, and has a long mouth type and a short mouth type according to the shape, which is convenient and practical and beautiful, and replaces the traditional glass bottle, aluminum bottle and the like, thereby greatly reducing the production cost. The nozzle stand-up pouch is the fastest growing packaging material in the world in the past few years, and the future development is bound to have unlimited potential. In the United States, the average annual use of self-standing bags is as high as 17 billion, and the European market is close to 19 billion. Most of the washing liquids and softeners in Japan and South Korea use this type of packaging.

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