Rice Bag Breaking Bag Problem Solving

- Apr 17, 2019-

Rice bags are basically seen by every household. Sometimes you just buy a bag of rice and you will find that the bag is broken. Then it is troublesome. Therefore, our company has specially experimented with this problem and given a solution to help you. The PA/PE plastic composite package containing 2.5kg or 5kg of rice is dropped from a height of 1m, and some packages will be cracked from the inside corner of the package. The reason for the breakage of the packaging bag is generally caused by the low impact strength of the composite inner film, and also because the heat sealing temperature is too high or the edge of the heat sealing knife is too sharp to crush the packaging bag.



1. The PE inner film of the composite packaging is thickened, and the PE film of the original 0.07 mm thick is replaced with the PE film of 8 to 8.5 thick;

2. The PE film with low heat sealing temperature and high impact strength is used as the inner film. If it is a self-made PE film, add appropriate EVA or metallocene to the ingredients to improve the heat seal and impact resistance of the inner film;

3, can reduce the temperature of the heat seal, reduce the pressure of the heat seal knife, and chamfer the edge of the heat seal knife or thicken the cloth cloth (polytetrafluoroethylene cloth) to prevent the PE inner film and the burnt bag The surface PA film on the inside of the seal of the bag is crushed;

4. Vacuuming the package is also a way to reduce packaging damage.

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