Precautions For Packaging Film Coloring

- May 06, 2019-

The packaging film is a common thing in the factory. After cutting, it can be made into a packaging bag, which can save a lot of money for manufacturers who need a large amount of packaging bags. The precautions for the packaging film in the printing ink are mainly printed substrate, overprint and sensory performance. Aluminum foil and transparent plastic film belonging to the substrate of the substrate should also be noted when grading.


Aluminum has pure aluminum foil (hard, soft), aluminum foil paper with paper and aluminum foil attached, and recently popular vacuum aluminum film, aluminum foil not only has metallic feeling, but also has airtightness similar to aluminum metal. The function.

These film printings, in order to highlight the metallic sense, some are printed with transparent ink, and some are printed on the white full-printing. In the latter printing, attention should be paid to the fact that the white ink concentration affects the sharpness of the pattern hue. White ink should use thick ink that can cover aluminum foil as much as possible, otherwise it will turn gray, and the pattern will become blurred. In addition, many aluminum foils have to be pre-treated, which will affect the selected ones due to the different types of treatment agents used. Ink type.

2. Transparent plastic film

There are many kinds of plastic film, such as cellophane, OPP, CPP, PET, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc. These films are also used in the same manner as paper. Composite films are sometimes used according to the requirements of post-processability, airtightness, watertightness and oil density. These film printings are also divided into printed and printed. Toning is easier than printing on paper. Generally, it is a surface-printing product, which is directly used for packaging foods. Therefore, the ink used should have a gloss and rubbing resistance function, and the ink should use an ink type with a similar gloss.


In the case of a printed film, another film is generally laminated on the printing surface. Therefore, the ink should consider its complex suitability. In the color printing of the printing, there is a selection of basic inks. The food packaging not only has the packaging of biscuits, but also the packaging of frozen, boiled, semi-cooked and semi-cooled foods. The printing ink for boiling, semi-cooked and semi-cooled food packaging materials should be selected for the basic inks suitable for its use. Also, when printing in the printing, a layer of white ink is generally printed, so after printing the white ink, it is necessary to confirm the hue.

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