Pet Food Packaging Design

- Mar 04, 2019-

More and more families are now starting to raise pets and use it as a member of the family. Especially the arrogant white at home, the presence of pets adds a lot of fun to life. At this time, as a food between human food and general livestock feed, the packaging design of pet food plays a major role in sales.

Designers should not only pay attention to the color, graphics, layout, styling, text, etc. of the packaging, but also consider the pet's habits and the interest of the pet owner.

Packing Jun to share some pet packaging


First, the harmonious color matching will give people a pleasant feeling, especially for pet owners, to use the relationship between color and color, and even use color to indicate its taste. It can be said that color is the most direct and the most active element affecting people's emotional reactions and psychological changes, which will bring a certain impact.

Second, the graphic graphics have a strong visual effect, but also a magnifying glass of food characteristics. The packaging design should be novel, and the pattern and logo shape should be beautiful. It is like using realistic style pictures to spread food information more directly, and it can be seen at a glance, easier to understand and acceptable.

Third, the shape of the packaging design of the same structure, the convex exaggerated packaging shape of the form of beauty, proportion of beauty, rhythm and so on, because the difference in packaging form gives people a different texture. For example, you can use some bionic shapes, such as bones to attract pets; also use translucent, so that the pet owner can see the product at a glance.


Fourth, the text in the text package is embossed to embellish the packaging and reflect the taste, and the corresponding characters are exaggerated or deformed, reflecting the individualized design of the package. There are no more than three soft-package fonts in general design, and fair fonts are crucial. If the text is not properly organized, it will increase visual exhaustion. On the contrary, it will have good readability and recognition.

Packing Jun's summary time

With the advancement of pets in the family, many pet foods have been coveted by many merchants, and pet foods will have more and more market space. Many merchants have also begun to make a big fuss about the packaging, in order to meet the emotional needs of pet owners, to create a pet food packaging that meets the times and meets consumption.

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