Pet Food Bag Introduction

- Feb 14, 2019-

Nowadays, not only do people pursue high-quality life, but even pets are no exception. The pet food packaging bag is a bag for packaging various pet foods. Its quality directly affects the quality and shelf life of the pet food. The high quality pet food packaging bag has strict production requirements as the food packaging bag. Today, pets are becoming more and more legitimate, and the packaging of pet foods becomes even more important. Today, let's tell everyone what to pay attention to when making pet food bags:


First, the size requirements

Whether the dog food bag is still a cat food bag, the food of each small animal is different, the size of the particles is different, and the weight of each package is different, so we must first determine the packaging. The weight of the bag, the size, so that the output can be satisfied.

Second, some food materials for pet food bags

There are mainly the following materials for the production of pet food bags:

1. Co-extruded PE film

2, woven bag

3, PP / PE, PE / PE, PET / PE, NY / PE two-layer composite bag

4, PET / NY / PE, PET / MPET / PE, PET / AL / PE three-layer composite bag

5, PET / NY / AL / PE, PET / AL / PET / PE four-layer composite bag

The price of each material is different and the quality is different, so you need to choose your favorite product according to the positioning of the product.

Third, the pet food bag bag shape

Bag type for pet food bag: flat bottom bag, four-side sealing bag, standing bag, Siamese bag, back sealing bag, etc.

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