Overview Of Snack Food Bags

- May 21, 2019-

Food packaging bags are the most common composite flexible packaging in life, which can make our products look better and effectively extend the shelf life. Increase product sales. Let's take a look at some of the snack food bags!

1: Overview of snack food bags

A food packaging bag is a film container that is directly in contact with food and is used to hold and protect food. The English name is: Food Packaging Pouch.


2: Overview of snack food bags

Food packaging bags are generally divided into: aseptic packaging, vacuum packaging, fresh-keeping packaging, moisture-proof packaging, chilled frozen packaging, gas filling packaging, oxygen scavenging packaging and light-proof packaging, heat storage agent and cold storage packaging, fresh meat poultry packaging. , beverage packaging, coffee packaging, fast food packaging, dry food packaging bags, etc.

3: Material characteristics of snack food packaging bags

Since single-layer films always have their inherent advantages and disadvantages and cannot meet the requirements of more and more products and increasingly demanding packaging, it is necessary to laminate two or more films or materials with different properties. Get up and complement each other to fully meet the requirements on the packaging. The bag made of a material composed of a plurality of layers of different materials is also called a composite bag or a food bag. Food is generally required to be packed in a composite bag.


The composite bag has excellent barrier properties, excellent resistance to pasteurization and refrigeration, and is the first choice for food quality packaging. It can be used for the packaging of various liquid drinks such as jelly, acid (fresh) milk, beverages, jams, etc., or for granules such as milk powder and candy.

Packaging of powdered food.

4: Printing of transparent snack foods

Food packaging bags are generally printed in copper plates. Printing in the middle means that the ink is printed in the middle of the interlayer of two layers of material. In other words, our food and hands are inaccessible to the ink. This is obviously very safe for the safety of packaged food. This is actually one of the benefits of multi-layer composites. Please click here to see what is the copper plate.

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