Not Paying Attention To Packaging Will Be More Scary Than Expired Food

- Mar 25, 2019-

Food safety is very important for people. Basically, each food has a package, so the material and quality of the package also poses a food safety issue. Let's discuss the impact of various materials on food safety and some solutions:

First, the impact of hazardous substances in food packaging on food safety

1. The impact of paper packaging materials on food safety:

Some of the paper packaging materials are produced from waste paper. There are some mildewed papers in the process of collecting raw materials. After production, a large amount of mold and pathogenic bacteria will be produced. The packaging for food will spoil the food. At the same time, the recovered waste paper may contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium and polychlorinated biphenyls, which may cause dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness and even cancer.

Some food factories do not use food packaging special inks when using paper food packaging materials, and most of these non-special inks contain organic solvents such as toluene, which may cause benzene solvents in foods to exceed the standard. Benzene solvents are more toxic, if infiltrated Skin or blood vessels can endanger the body's hematopoietic function, damage the body's nervous system, and even cause leukemia.

2. The impact of plastic packaging materials on food safety:

Additives such as adhesives are often required in the production of plastics. The adhesive is mainly composed of aromatic isocyanic acid. The plastic bag made of this material can be formed into an aromatic amine after being cooked at a high temperature, and is a carcinogen. Plastics are often used repeatedly because of their easy recycling. If the recycled plastic materials are directly used for food packaging, it will have a great impact on food safety.

The recycling channels of plastic packaging are complicated, and it is difficult to ensure that the residual harmful substances on the recycling containers are cleaned. Some manufacturers add a large amount of paint to the recycled plastics, resulting in a large amount of paint pigment residue and pollution to food.

Due to lax supervision, some medical waste plastics are recycled and will become a considerable food safety hazard. In addition, the stabilizers, plasticizers, and colorants added during the production process are not related to their own quality, and are easily migrating from the plastic to cause secondary pollution, which is also a factor that is harmful to food safety.

3. The impact of metal packaging materials on food safety:

Metal packaging containers can be divided into two categories, one is uncoated metal and the other is coated metal. The safety problem of non-coated metal packaging containers is mainly the dissolution of toxic and harmful heavy metals; the safety of coated metal packaging containers is mainly the dissolution of free phenol, free formaldehyde and toxic monomers in the surface coating. Iron and aluminum are the two main metal packaging materials currently on the market, the most commonly used are tinplate, Wuxi steel, aluminum and aluminum foil. In the iron products, after the galvanized layer contacts the food, the zinc will migrate to the food, causing food poisoning; the main problem of the aluminum product is that the aluminum material contains elements such as lead and zinc, and excessive intake may cause chronic accumulation poisoning.



Second, the solution to the problem of food packaging safety

1. Establish and improve safety regulations for food packaging materials

At present, many of the regulations implemented in China's food packaging industry were formulated in the early 1990s. These regulations basically do not involve indicators of benzene residues, migration and partial heavy metal content. Therefore, relevant departments should update and improve the relevant safety regulations and standards for food packaging materials, such as food packaging materials additives, adhesives, ink composition standards, food labeling systems, food packaging materials and Establish a sound safety guarantee system for food packaging materials, such as the market access system for appliances.

2. Develop new packaging materials and packaging technology

Traditional packaging materials have high cost and poor safety factor. Therefore, functional packaging materials have become a hot topic in Western countries. The United States, Japan, the European Union, etc. have invested a lot of money and manpower in this area. According to experts' prediction, in the future, packaging bags produced with smart packaging technology will account for 20% to 40% of the total food packaging. It is an irresistible trend for food packaging materials to become functional, intelligent and environmentally friendly. The development and development of new packaging materials must be the focus of future development, such as modified atmosphere packaging, antibacterial packaging, nano-composite packaging materials, etc., through new packaging materials and technology to improve the safety of food packaging.


3. Improve the food packaging testing system

Due to the different molecular structure of the packaging materials, various additives and molding processes, the food packaging materials show great differences, so the detection of food packaging materials is more complicated. We can establish a complete food packaging testing center to test the performance characteristics of various packaging materials in accordance with national standards. At the same time, improve detection technology, find fast and efficient detection methods, and improve the detection level of toxic and harmful substances such as residual monomers and heavy metals in food packaging.

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