Is Vacuum Collection Banknote Useful?

- Jun 04, 2019-

Vacuum bags are the most popular bags nowadays. What about vacuum bags to collect coins? The so-called vacuum, in fact, is to take a plastic bag to drain the air, put the coin inside to keep the air from being oxidized. Xiao Bian actually saw a very interesting collection, a local collection of the fifth set of renminbi, that is, the 10 yuan denomination banknotes we are now spending, even used vacuum packaging!


The collector claimed to be the first collection, presumably also saw a lot of people saying how good the vacuum collection, how to ensure that the phase of the coin is not oxidized and so on. However, the fact that it is not oxidized is said to be heard by coins. The material of the banknote itself determines that the banknotes are completely impossible to be oxidized. Naturally, there is no need to use vacuum packaging.

The banknotes are vacuum-packed for collection, can they guarantee the appearance? The answer is NO!

Compared to coins, banknotes themselves are easily destroyed. But let's not say anything else. After being vacuumed by this mesh bag, the pressure outside the bag is enough for the banknote itself to be pushed out of a pile of meshes. This will destroy the appearance, but how can it be protected?

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the banknote itself needs a certain humidity. The complete vacuum packaging is equal to the isolation of the humidity. This will only cause the banknote to undergo a qualitative change. After a long period of vacuum, the banknote will become brittle, just like a draped A layer of chocolate crispy popsicles or beef jerky, which is equivalent to destroying the banknotes and directly turning your collection into a residual coin!

So, don't overdo something that doesn't make sense for the sake of collection, otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

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