Introduction Of Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag

- Jan 15, 2019-

Nowadays, the requirements for packaging bags in all walks of life are very strict. Dongguan Bite Packaging will introduce it to everyone.

One of the better quality bags - vacuum-wrapped aluminum foil bags


1: Overview of vacuum aluminum foil bags

Aluminum foil bag: also called pure aluminum bag.

The strength of the aluminum foil bag: The biggest feature of the aluminum foil bag is that it is protected from light, that is, the light transmittance is the lowest. Some products that are afraid of light must be

Use aluminum foil bags, such as some light-sensitive drugs. In addition, because the aluminum foil is opaque and has a good function of reflecting light,

The printing effect of the bag is better, the color is fuller and the gloss is better. Moreover, the bag body of the aluminum foil bag is relatively stiff.

Disadvantages of aluminum foil bags:

First, wrinkles are more easily produced, and the wrinkles generated are not easily disappeared due to the aluminum foil metal, and there is no elasticity;

Second, the material cost is higher;

Third, you must have a large order quantity to start, because if the order is too small, it will be difficult to order aluminum foil raw materials.

2: How to distinguish between aluminum foil and aluminum-plated bags?

Aluminum foil bags are similar in appearance to aluminum-plated bags, and have metallic luster. It is difficult for people to distinguish them. Really, as long as

Grasping the method is also very simple. The biggest feature of the aluminum foil bag is that it is protected from light, which means that it is almost opaque, while the aluminum-plated bag

It is capable of transmitting a certain amount of light. Looking out from the inside of the bag, the aluminum foil bag does not see the printed pattern on the outside, but is plated.

The aluminum bag is visible on the outside.


3: Common materials for vacuum aluminum foil bags


4: The main products of vacuum aluminum foil bags

Food packaging bags, vacuum nylon bags, rice bags, standing bags, zipper bags, aluminum foil bags, cosmetic bags, masks and ophthalmic bags

, medicine bags, pesticide bags, paper bags and other plastic bags.

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