In-box Bag, The Best Choice For Liquid Packaging

- Jan 14, 2019-

The middle bag is a flexible inner bag made of multi-layer film and a sealing faucet switch and a carton. It is a perfectly designed packaging form for liquid products. The package is made of a variety of materials and is easy to stretch. The bag body and the outer box made of cardboard are formed.



In-bag inner bag: made of composite film, using different materials to meet the needs of different liquid packaging, can provide 2--10 liter aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, single or continuous standard product, with standard canning mouth, can be The code mark can also be customized. The bag is attached with a faucet-like switch for easy opening and removal. The unique design allows liquid to flow out and prevents air from entering, thus extending product retention and service life.


The bag in the box is more convenient to store and carry the product. The inner and outer materials are made of environmentally friendly materials, and less materials are used to reduce the consumption of petroleum products. Compared with the traditional hard packaging, it saves about 35% of the transportation and storage costs, which is 85% less than the garbage produced by the bottle. Due to the light weight, the amount of carbon dioxide generated during transportation is 55% less than that of the bottle. The cost of packaging materials is lower than other packaging forms (eg PET bottles, glass bottles, plastic drums, etc.).


Fresh liquid products are packed in a box-in-box family. Because of its good fresh-keeping effect, convenient removal method, and long-term shelf life, the freshest juice products can be brought to consumers, which is difficult for traditional packaging. . The bag-in-box packaging form is widely used in juice, wine, juice drinks, mineral water, edible oil, food additives, industrial chemicals, medical reagents, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Dongguan Bite Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.