How To Produce High Quality Food Bags

- Jan 16, 2019-

In the past ten years, the printing and packaging industry has been very agile, the competition is very fierce, the profit margin of partner companies is getting smaller and smaller, and the quality of production is difficult to keep up. For this situation, food packaging bags manufacturers provide three-step plastic flexible packaging production quality. Handling the law, with advancement effectiveness, standard handling, useful control quality, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

A: The quality of the production process is lost. The production process of large-scale enterprises that make plastic flexible packaging is the printing, compounding, cutting, and bag making departments. In each production quality management, understand the reasons for the maximum mass loss of each process, find the link control point according to the reason, and formulate the control and inspection specifications of the bond control point. In production, target the target; The three-layer quality control system consisting of self-inspection, workshop director monitoring and quality inspections can then be used to control solvent residue and other quality headings.


Second: quality inspection of each process in the production process

According to the progress of the production process, the first piece of confederation is carried out according to the process, and the quality control of each half-cut or bag-making product is carried out. We plan to make the first confession project form for printing, compounding, slitting and bag making in the process of production, and carry out item by item according to the project. Every time you roll down, you need to sample to find the title and improve the title. For example, printing, using waste proofing, first trial color, in the case of accurate color, after 500m printing, change the volume to sample the first confession, check color, text, image, standard, overall printing effect, solvent residue, etc. Quality title. There are titles to improve in time, no title and then mass production. In this process, each volume needs the quality of sampling and trial in the next volume, and also requires the implementation of the three-layer quality consisting of captain self-inspection, workshop director monitoring and quality inspection. Check the system and then you can use the control quality title to happen. Even if there is a quality title, the amount lost will not be too large, and will not be scrapped in half or in batches.


Third: Strengthen daily monitoring and management to regularly train production employees

As a manufacturer of quality requirements, food packaging manufacturers should promptly discover the existence of the title in the production process and avoid the occurrence of the title. It is also necessary to conduct punctual training for new employees and strengthen the requirements for handling employees.

To achieve the above three points in the production process of food bags is to reduce or perhaps avoid, can give customers a satisfying product, and a satisfactory answer.

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