How To Judge Whether The Foil Bag Is Good Or Bad

- Mar 27, 2019-

Nowadays, bags are widely used in daily life. They are excellent for preserving food. Among them, non-aluminum foil bags for long-term preservation of food are the best. How to judge the quality of an aluminum foil bag? The following small series will explain each one from four aspects:

First, the material used for aluminum foil bags

When you look at the sample, you should first smell it or not. If there is odor, it will not meet the hygiene standards, and may also affect the normal use of the foil bag. If there is no special odor, you can check whether the clarity of the foil bag is uniform and whether there is any impurity.

Second, look at the firm level of aluminum foil bags

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The fastness of the aluminum foil bag is mainly divided into two types, which are in accordance with the firmness and the hot air fastness. Shanghai aluminum foil bag bags have different levels of firmness due to different materials. The main method of differentiation is to rip the edge of the bag by hand. Bags made of nylon and high-pressure film composites are generally difficult to tear by hand, and can be used to load relatively heavy products such as semiconductor articles, large particles, etc., and bags made of OPP heat-sealing film are well torn. Can only hold some light products;

After the bag is torn open, it depends on the shape and structure of the section. If it is evenly torn from the middle of the heat seal of the bag, the heat sealing of the bag is very poor, and it is easy to break during the production process. If it is torn from the edge, it indicates heat sealing. Good quality;

Secondly, we must look at the composite firmness of the bag. The method is to first look at the structure of the crack at the crack. If you look at it by hand, you can separate it. If it is not easy to separate, it means that the compound is firm. If you gently Separate, indicating poor quality;

Therefore, to check the firmness level of the aluminum foil bag, it is also necessary to see whether there are bubbles or wrinkles on the surface of the packaging bag.

Third, look at the uniformity of the appearance of the aluminum foil bag


First, observe the flatness of the aluminum foil bag. Generally, the higher the flatness, the better, except for the different materials. For example, the packaging bag made of nylon and high-pressure film has a wave shape in the heat seal of the bag. It is also necessary to observe whether the cut edges of the bag are neat. The more tidy the better. Suzhou Haoxin Packaging not only produces aluminum foil bags, but also anti-static shielding bags and transparent vacuum bags.

Fourth, look at the quality of aluminum foil bag printing

Looking at the physical picture of the printing quality of the aluminum foil bag, the higher the realistic level, the better. Secondly, look at the bag for drawing, fogging, blocking, and printing. If this happens, the printing requirements are not standard. Most aluminum foil bag manufacturers now have cut corners. Remind users to pay attention to the above points for identifying the quality of aluminum foil bags when purchasing aluminum foil bags, judging from the foil material, bag firmness, appearance uniformity, and printing quality of aluminum foil bags; many people are When you purchase, you are worried about the quality of the aluminum foil bag. Then you can choose the aluminum foil bag that is designed for your needs in Dongguan Bite Packaging, and provide samples for your trial!