How To Design A Nut Bag

- Sep 26, 2019-

Since nut foods are hard objects, the thickness of the food packaging bags and the strength and impact resistance of the materials will affect the use of the packaging; some nut food packaging bags are packaged with inert gas, so the sealing properties are also very Important, the following is a analysis of the sealing method and impact resistance of the packaging bag:


1. Detection of heat sealability: The seal strength of the heat sealable part is verified by the heat seal strength test. If the heat seal strength is not good, problems such as air leakage and bag breakage are likely to occur.

Second, for the detection of the sealability, the test can be carried out by the sealability (negative pressure method) test, and the part where the finished package is prone to air leakage and pressure release can be found.

3. For the detection of the impact resistance of the content resistant material, verify by the burst pressure (positive pressure method) test, fill the package with gas, test whether the finished package is broken under the impact of the internal gas, and use it to find the nut product. The location of the finished packaging is prone to cracking and the compressive strength.

4. For the analysis of the gas composition inside the package, through the test of headspace residual oxygen and carbon dioxide performance test, the proportion of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the finished package can be monitored to determine the sealing performance of the finished package, and the proportion of the internal gas in the package. Meet the quality requirements of nut products.

5. For the detection of drop resistance performance, provide drop-resistance related tests to further verify whether the finished package breaks when it falls within a certain height.

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