How To Customize The Octagonal Sealing Bag

- Apr 24, 2019-

The octagonal sealing bag is made up of eight sealed bags, also called flat bottom bags. You can stand on the shelf yourself, and the printed surface is bigger, you can display more information about your product. The price will be more expensive than the three-side sealing bag and the four-side sealing bag. At the same time, it is difficult to generate and the quality is not good. How to customize the octagonal seal?



Before customizing the octagonal sealing bag, the manufacturer needs to locate the product packaging style and the information to be expressed. For example, the bag on the picture above: the octagonal sealing bag manufacturer is Dongguan Bite packaging, the size is 15x21+7cm, the material is: Pet+vmpet+pe. These are the parameters of the bag. Before making the bag, be sure to specify these specifications, materials, thickness and bag type. According to the information, let the designer or the packaging factory design the package artwork, you can design several copies and give reference. Finalize the bag.

Secondly, after finding a good packaging factory, if the distance is near, and the food factory with time can find a time to look at the packaging factory, confirm the qualifications, production level and sanitation level of the manufacturer. If you are far away, you can ask the packaging factory to send some samples to the food factory, try and check the quality of the bags and the printed patterns.


Finally, regardless of distance, it is important to know whether the logistics carried by the bag is reliable and will not cause damage to the bag. Can be delivered to your door, that is the best. However, most of the packaging factories now offer free delivery services to the surrounding areas, and there is no way in far areas.

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