How Does The Future World Handle Bags? Eat It

- Aug 19, 2019-

"We hope to eliminate plastic waste from the root cause.

Create a cleaner world. ”

If you came to the Ubud area of Bali last weekend and bought a Belgian waffle at the food festival, you can eat the bag.

This is a new type of food packaging bag made of seaweed instead of plastic. It has high nutritional value and can be naturally biodegraded even if it is discarded. The waffle vendor is one of the first customers to participate in the test.

This new package was designed by the original Indonesian company Evoware. "We want to stop plastic waste from the roots and create a cleaner world." Evoware co-founder David Christian told Fast Company.

In terms of white pollution, Indonesia is second only to China. The waste that ultimately belongs to the sea is mainly from disposable packaging products. Indonesia has four of the world's most polluted rivers. The dumps in Bali often reach a level of overflow.

As a material, seaweed has a distinct advantage over oil-based plastics in addition to not producing garbage.

Seaweed can absorb carbon dioxide during its growth. A baseball-sized sea can grow 40 tons of seaweed a year and absorb 20.7 tons of greenhouse gases.

Unlike other bioplastic raw materials, such as corn and seaweed, no fertilizer, water or other resources are needed. Indonesian seagrass farmers are currently oversupplied and struggle to make a living.

The initial company did not want to disclose the details of the production process, but said that the seaweed was safely processed by food and converted into packaging bags without using chemicals.

Because the new package is soluble in hot water, the company plans to replace it with other plastic packaging, such as seasoning packets in instant noodles.

After brewing the noodles, you don't have to work hard to open the package. Just throw the seasoning bag directly into the noodle bowl and mix evenly (the package itself is almost tasteless, and it does not affect the taste of the noodle soup after melting).

It can also be used for instant coffee that Indonesians often drink. The company is also preparing to make edible burgers and sandwich wraps.

The company is one of six winners of the $1 million prize in the Circular Design Challenge.

One of the problems, Christian said, is that despite the flood of plastic waste, Indonesians are still unaware of the need to solve the problem.

“This awareness, awareness and urgency to minimize disposable plastics is still very weak,” he said.

Our bioplastic products

So it doesn't matter,

‘Slightly redundant’

The production cost of seaweed bags is higher than that of plastics, but as long as the company transitions from trial production to full production, the cost will gradually drop.

In the process, there will be helpers. Evoware is one of the six winners of the $1 million prize in the Circular Design Challenge.

Hosted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the OpenIdeo Innovation Platform, the competition is designed to be 30% plastic packaging that is too small or too complex to be properly recycled, such as seasoning bags, wrapping paper and coffee cup covers. Find a solution.

In the miscellaneous category, the application from the Czech Republic Miwa wins with a system that delivers custom quantities to customers in reusable bags.

Another winner, Algramo from Chile, used recyclable containers at local convenience stores.

In the category of plastic pouches, Evoware won with the British company Delta, which helped the restaurant make sauces in edible bags.

There are also two companies specializing in coffee cups: the UK's recyclable lid ordering company, CupClub, and the TrioCup, which produces a folding cup without a lid. All of the above winners will participate in the one-year accelerator project in 2018.


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